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The competition can't match Lacrimedics' VisiPlug retention rate and no pop-out performance. Even the Odyssey Parasol Punctal Occluder "Guaranteed Retention" has restrictions. Their website for the Parasol Punctal Occluder states, "because of our confidence in our 92% retention rate, if your patient loses a Parasol plug within 30 days of insertion, Odyssey will replace it at no charge."


The Parasol Punctal Occluder has only a 92% retention rate.  The "guarantee" also only applies for the first 30 days after insertion!

Don't add to your patient's Dry Eye Disease discomfort with punctum plugs that can pop-out. Use Lacrimedics' VisiPlug.


Click here to learn more about Dry Eye Disease and

Lacrimedics' treatment options.

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